Cycling – The Key to Good Health


Cycling is a good cardio workout

Cardiovascular exercise or simply cardio is the exercise that increases the heart rate for a long duration of time. Cardiovascular exercises are better than lifting weights and many other forms of exercise. Cycling is a good cardio workout and it not only helps you in losing fat but also strengthens your heart and keeps you in a good shape by toning the body muscles. Cycling daily helps eliminate mental fatigue, stress and depression, so enables you to perform better in school or at work. Cycling has been proven to lower the incidence of coronary heart diseases like atherosclerosis and coronary embolism.

Cycling and arthritis

Arthritis is an auto immune disease which is characterized by the inflammation of joints. People with arthritis can try low impact exercise including beste fiets aanbod that doesn’t cause high impact on the joints and is very gentle on them. Therefore, people with arthritis can maintain a good posture and a healthy body weight through cycling.

Other health benefits

Cycling on daily basis not only burns calories but also increases the metabolic rate and strengthens the body muscles and increases body flexibility. Cycling improves the mobility of the joints, lowers stress levels, increases bone density, and improves body posture and general health of the body. Cycling on regular basis lowers the amount of piled fat and increases the efficiency of the cardiovascular system. During cycling, most of the work is done by muscles of the legs and hips. So cycling is an effective way to tone down chubby legs and lower abdominal area. The hamstrings and muscles of the calf are also used and enable the feet to remain on the pedal. Cycling also increases body endurance and stamina.

Calories burned during cycling

It is a fact that if you cycle for 20 minutes, you lose around 300 calories. Cycling burns loads of calories, if you cycle steadily for one hour you burn about 600 calories. The amount of caloric expenditure during cycling depends on the intensity with which you cycle. Therefore, a fast cyclist uses more energy so burns more calories than a slow cyclist. Fast cycling should only be done if you are a perfect cyclist because the faster you cycle the greater are the chances of being knocked down and getting injured. So if you are a beginner then it’s a better idea to start slowly and gradually build up your pace.


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