Online CNA Classes – Basic Facts You Need to Know


The healthcare industry is considered one of the most stable fields of employment and is seen to provide secure jobs to thousands of individuals who are trained in the field for the next 20 or so years.

Millions of baby-boomers are retiring and will be requiring medical care. Many families these days are separated by hundreds of miles and they mainly rely upon healthcare providers to fill the gap in terms of attending to the needs of the senior population. This presents a great opportunity for many who are looking for employment security. Training to become a certified nursing assistant (CNA) is one of the easiest ways to enter the health care field.

There are many sources of online CNA Certification California nowadays that aim to prepare interested individuals for the job. Although not everyone is cut out for the work, CNA classes can provide aspiring nursing aides with the necessary education, training and experience to make them competent and reliable CNAs. Not everyone can have time to attend regular training classes though and because of that, there are also a lot of online CNA classes being offered now.

These online CNA classes are a type of distant learning method available for individuals who don’t have time to attend a classroom-set training because of reasons like having to keep a job or to care for their own family. These internet-based classes have similar requirements as traditional CNA training which are also governed by the specific requirements of the State of residence. Typical requirements are the following:

· Participant must be at least 18 years of age.

· Participant must not have previous criminal record.

· Participant must have high school diploma.

Features of Online CNA Classes

The following are features that separate online nurse aide training classes to traditional training classes:

  • Very flexible schedule – the student can set his own time of studying and can cut short or extend his training depending on how he handles the training activities.
  • May feature video streaming – this is for the purpose of demonstrating to the student proper skills and techniques.
  •  Availability of resources – since the class is online, the student has the added advantage of accessing the internet for additional learning and for research purposes.
  • No hands-on training – this is a disadvantage of online CNA classes however most schools and training centers encourage students to take the practical training from their local healthcare facilities.

Where to Get Online CNA Course

Training programs for nursing aides which are being offered online must be accredited and recognized by the industry. If you take your training from an unaccredited school, you may not be able to sit for the certification exam and you will only end up wasting precious time and money.

Traditional CNA training courses are usually offered in many community colleges and technical schools. Check with those that are near your area and find out if they also offer online-based training. It is better to sign up from schools that are near you because they can usually provide you with the hands-on training required by the State

Online CNA Nurse Assistant Certification Training Program California
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