July 21, 2024

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Holiday Gift Guide: The Best Gifts For Kids Who Love Arts And Crafts

Crafty gifts are simply the best – they encourage the use of a child’s creativity and imagination. They also promote some gadget-free time! So if the children in your life love to draw, color or simply do arts and crafts, the best choice is to give them cool gifts that will help hone their talents!

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Here are the best Christmas gifts for kids who love arts and crafts:

Mandala Coloring Book For Kids

Like adults, kids also need to relax and de-stress. And one great way for the little ones to do so is to have some quiet time just coloring! Coloring offers plenty of benefits to children – it helps them express creativity and self-expression, it assists in fine motor skills, plus they get to have some gadget-free time!

This beautiful Mandala Coloring Book for kids have over 45 beautifully designed mandalas that are age-appropriate ( ages 4 and up). Perfect for stress relief for both boys and girls!

Marbling Paint Art Kit

Aside from coloring, painting is another way for artsy kids to practice their craft! This Marbling Paint Art Kit by Dan&Darci allows kids to experience something awesome. Instead of painting on paper, they get to make artworks in water! Truly something unique that will appeal to children of all ages, whether they’re into arts and crafts or not!

The kit includes an illustrated instruction guide, a design tray, art sheets, 5 paints, carageenan powder, styluses, pipette, spoon and more!

The Ultimate Art Museum Book by Ferren Gipson

Any art lover and budding artist would be happy to have this amazing book by Ferren Gipson, called the Ultimate Art Museum. It serves as an imaginary art museum for kids – featuring the most popular works of art from around the world and across time.

Kids will enjoy looking at easy to navigate art masterpieces, going through different galleries and wings through the book, complete with an informative narrative guide that is age-appropriate for children. Truly a gem of a book that needs to be in an artsy child’s book collection!

Kid Made Modern Arts and Crafts Library

Budding artists always need a way to let out their creative genius. So if you provide them with the right materials, they’re bound to create a masterpiece. Every little kid who loves arts and crafts will have plenty of fun with this Arts and Crafts Library by Kid Made Modern. It contains over 1,000 pcs of crafting materials that will provide hours and hours of crafting and creative fun.

Kids can make monsters, jewelry, dolls, bags – the possibilities are endless! This awesome kit also comes with a reusable storage case so kids can easily craft anywhere!

Crayola Color Caddy

Remember that time when Crayola introduced those big boxes of crayons with over 50 or 100 colors? Every child who owned that were considered lucky. Well, things haven’t changed – having a large collection of quality art materials is still a luxury for children.

That’s what makes the Crayola Color Caddy one of the best gifts for kids who love arts and crafts. It contains over 90 Crayola essentials (crayons, broad line markers, pencils, glitter glue sticks, scissors and more!) in an organized travel caddy that’s perfect for on the go!

Parents should never stop supporting children’s love for the arts – here are some of the best Christmas gifts for kids who love arts and crafts!

Marbling Paint Art Kit: https://www.amazon.com/Dan-Darci-Marbling-Paint-Kids/dp/B08CLVVJ8C/