May 22, 2024

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Review Koozies – A Short Introduction

We are going to review koozies and their different types in this article, just a couple of the best sellers. Many folks do not actually know what they are, nor do they realize all the many designs, and uses they can have. In general they are sleeves for beer or other canned beverages that are designed for keeping the drink cold while the drinker’s hand doesn’t freeze, they can be hand knitted or created from different types of materials and fabrics.

Foam Koozies – Made from either simple foam or neoprene, this is a best seller. It is inexpensive, easy to have customized artwork, text, colors and more made. They work as advertised; drink stays cool for up to 40 minutes.

Slip On Koozies – These are made mostly for bottles, and they can be ordered in different styles and sizes. These are able to be imprinted. These also worked as advertised, keeping my bottle cool for 38 minutes.

Collapsible Koozies – By far this is a top rated selection. Because it can easily be folded up into a small little item, it is highly portable. One can throw it in a pants pocket or in your purse. This was tested two times, one time before it had been folded and the other after. Each time it maintained the cool of the canned beverage for 37 and 42 minutes respectfully.

Imprinted Koozies – These are any style actually, but a person can have them customized, or add their branding, message, etc to them. We have heard over time that on occasion some of the screen printing will come off of these, however, no one I actually know has had run into this situation. All the koozies I have with imprinted have always functioned properly.

Koozies are a fairly cheap product and are often given away as branded merchandise by companies at trade fairs. You will also find them at parties such as weddings, birthday parties and baby showers, people are using them now as their favors.

For every website selling koozies, one would think you would find more sites that review koozies. At the moment, however, there are very few if any websites offering reviews on these products. It is a bit strange actually that they are far and few between. It could be quite a fun online business having to review beer koozies – especially if you test them outside while having a cold one.