July 21, 2024

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Samsung UN46B8000 LED TV – Where LED and Internet Technology Meet

As you may have read in my previous review of the Samsung UN46B6000 television, I’ve been very impressed with Samsung’s implementation of the new LED standard in TV technology. If you didn’t have chance to read the last review, LED is likely to become the de facto standard in TV manufacture over the next few years. The reason is that plasma and LCD televisions use up amazing amounts of electricity to light their displays. This has obvious knock on effects on your increased electricity bill, not to mention the extra damage done to the environment as more people around the world purchase these kind of televisions.

LED technology reduces consumption by around 40{e54fff05c6c0c5d3d9021a98c8c701bfeddf4b60dc95bb70fea5e351a0c21dfb} , which is a huge saving. The other advantage is that LED gives a much more realistic picture with true blacks and pristine white colours on the screen.


Advantages of the Samsung UN46B8000 over the UN46B6000

Looking at both screens does not yield many differences between the two models apart from the price tag. So what do you get for the extra $ investment? – connectivity! The 8000 allows you to access the internet on your TV, bringing with it the delights of YouTube and experiencing your photos on Flickr in a new way through the fantastic screen. As our daily lives become more connected to the internet whether it be socially or through work or study, the need to experience the internet through different mediums increases.


The Samsung UN46B8000 lets you experience the internet in a new way from the hub of your living room. The 8000 also has a slight advantage over the 6000 in terms of its contrast ratio, which jumps to 5,000,000:1 in the 8000 model giving an incredible range in brightness and producing images that look amazingly true to life. Like its brother the UN46B6000, the screen is incredibly thin – only 1.2inches, – compare that to regular LCD and plasma screens and you’ll definitely notice how this makes the 8000 look far more sleeker compared to its contemporaries. 


Should You Buy The Samsung UN46B6000 or UN46B8000?

The choice of whether to go for the UN46B6000 or UN46B8000 is dependent mostly on whether you are a big user of the internet or not. If like most people a lot of your time is based online, then I think it seems foolhardy not to splash out the few extra dollars for the 8000, which can then be a more integrated part of your digital lifestyle. However, if you want the television to be an escape from the online world and to be used for the primary purpose of viewing movies and sports, then the UN46B6000 should be suffice. I think the higher contrast ratio in the 8000 is only going to be of interest to those interested in using the TV for gaming and maybe the viewing of fast paced sports.