July 21, 2024

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The Canon Powershot SX10IS 10MP Digital Camera

The Canon Powershot SX10IS 10MP digital camera is the perfect camera for those who are looking to capture professional-photographs without tweaking around with a variety of manual settings. What I loved about it was that it offers so much and yet it is very easy to understand and operate. Despite its user-friendliness, do not mistake the SX10IS as a lightweight. This camera is packed with tones of professional features and manual settings.

One of the features that I liked very much was that the SD card door on this camera is separate from the battery door. This way, I won’t need to risk dropping the battery every time I need to change the SD cards. If you often take photographs in conditions that require high zoom, such as wildlife photography and during large social events, with an impressive 20x optical zoom, you are assured of getting clear hi-def pictures on this camera even when taken from considerable distances. The wide-angle function works even when the camera in on high zoom. The size of the display screen is sufficient but could be bigger though, as many other cameras models in the market offer much larger displays. The display screen can be rotated though, which is always a useful feature on any camera.

Compared to its many other camera models of its class, the Canon Powershot SX10IS may seem a little bulky but it is surprisingly comfortable to hold. It gives a good grip and feels very good in the palms of my hands. Like many digital camera, you can record movies on the SX10IS. With its improved file compression technology, the movies are stored in much smaller files, enabling you to store more movies on your SD card. Although this new model does have its limitations, I would dare say that with the Powershot SX10IS, Canon has taken another step closer to creating the perfect camera.