July 21, 2024

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Using Ediscovery To Find Evidence

Electronic discovery is the process of retrieving useful data and information from electronic sources. Today, a lot of organizations use different types of storage devices for communication and other important files. Storage devices can range from desktop computers, laptops down to mobile phones. The useful data can be presented in court during the pre-trial phase of any civil litigation for businesses or companies. With the increasing use of electronic devices for data transfer and storage, obtaining key information from the millions of data pages is a very tedious task. That’s why a lot of organizations rely on ediscovery to handle their legal investigations because it is very important for dealing with litigations and government investigations.

Ediscovery became an important part of civil litigations after amendments were made to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) in December of 2006. The amendment mandates businesses and organizations to better handle their electronically stored information (ESI) in case of impending civil lawsuits. Many e-discovery providers came up with new ways of retrieving, analyzing and producing reports as evidence for civil proceedings. This resulted to new and far better e-discovery systems and software that met the growing demands of organizations, law firms and businesses around the world.

E-discovery is the process of extracting electronic information or data and analyzing that information to be used as evidence in pre-trial proceedings. With the passing of the legislation that requires all employers or organizations to store and keep track of important electronic documents and communication in case of civil litigations. E-discovery has played a major role to make pre-trial proceedings run as smooth as possible. The industry of ediscovery has tremendously grown over the past years since its conception and has become widely used by many law firms and organizations with in house legal departments.

Ediscovery does not only cover digital information. It could also assist in processing and analyzing hard copies or printouts. Hard copies of documents are scanned and fed to Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software that would translate the hard copies to digital format for faster processing. The use of ediscovery has revolutionized the way people and companies handle legal matters. It has made court proceedings more efficient and effective. Using ediscovery to find important information or evidence from huge amounts of data are now easier and more cost effective all because of electronic discovery.

You can now find a lot of ediscovery vendors online but be sure to check their reputation and credibility first. The cost of this system is not cheap so getting the best value for money is very important. Try to look for vendors that offer a no cost assessment to see how well their systems work. Good providers of ediscovery are not afraid to provide personnel training or customer support for their product. These are good characteristics to look for in effective and powerful electronic discovery software. You can find a lot of online resources to help you decide on which software would work best for your company.