May 23, 2024

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Deal Or No Deal Computer Game

Deal or no Deal has breathed life into the TV game show genre. Over the years viewers have increasingly been turned off the usual formulaic TV game shows. There have been many variations on this theme but none have really caught the imagination of viewers. Deal or no Deal has managed to do this without a single question being asked. Deal or no deal has now been transferred to the computer gaming market. Gamers can experience a little bit of the magic by being involved rather than just watching passively. Primarily the game is aimed at the TV audience who want to get a bit more excitement from their favourite game show.

The computer game version is available to work on a number of different platforms including PC, Nintendo DS, Game Boy and Wii. The computer version of the game appears to be far better than the previous DVD version.


The Deal or no Deal computer game displays all the action from the hit NBC quiz show and puts it onto your computer system. The game develops the action just like the TV show. The object of the game is to choose a briefcase which is numbered from 1 to 26. You try to give up the case or go all the way to the end after each offer. This all depends on you being convinced that your brief case contains the jackpot. You hope to go all the way and win the maximum prize of $1,000,000.


The graphics are really good. This includes virtual models and the way Howie Mandel is placed into a virtual version of himself. Just like the TV show Howie will say his famous ‘Ladies Please catchphrase’ to introduce the beautiful 26 models that hold the famous silver briefcases. Once you have picked your lucky briefcase the fun begins. Be prepared at the end of the round for the banker played by Peter Abbay. He just makes a list and checks it twice to give you a good offer that you might think is good enough to take.

One problem area of the game is where virtual models are used carrying the cases, rather than the actual models from the game show. This is where it appears to lack some reality as the models appear to have the same faces and bodies. They never speak or talk or say “Hi Howie” as in the real show. However, over all this game is fun, and exiting


The game gives you many options such as the ability to choose what the prizes are. As the money is not real you can change it into something that is more meaningful for example treats and chores about the house. There are options for 1 or 2 player. You can also be the banker. There is even a head to head feature.


In addition to the main game, Deal or no Deal’s PC version has three mini games. The first is called 5-Case Monte. In this version of the classic betting game of skill Howie Mandel will ask you to find the million dollar briefcase through ten rounds of skill and luck. The second is the Puzzle Challenge. If puzzles are your thing then you should like this game of skill. You have to try to put puzzles of Deal or no Deal pictures together in the quickest time. The third mini game is called Memory Challenge. Here you have to find the matching model under each case and is loads of fun to play.


In general it is a good game with great graphics, and sound. It is as if you are actually playing on the show. If you like the TV show you should like this game. It is easy enough for the little ones to play, but enough fun that the adults will like it too.