May 26, 2024

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Disney World Theme Parks – Magic Kingdom

Of all the theme parks Walt Disney World has to offer, the Magic Kingdom has to be the theme park everybody has to visit, whether a first-time visitor or s seasoned visitor. Everyone loves the fantasy of their childhood, so adult or child, you will adore this charming theme park. This theme park is divided into 5 different “lands”, all connected via Cinderella Castle. The great aspect of this park is that it appeals to people of all ages. Riding in a log boat down Splash Mountain is a must for everyone. Just remember that old cooler days you may get a bit chilly as you’ll probably end up getting wet. Boat rides in Pirates of the Caribbean, has gained in popularity and is enjoyed by all people, old and young. Jungle cruise and Haunted mansion both appeal to everyone as well. Then there is Space Mountain, where you are in a space rocket blasting off into space. There are also some fantastic parades and fireworks displays in this theme park. One must remember though that because of its popularity you may have to wait up to 90 minutes in queues so proper planning is important.

Epcot used to be more of an adult park featuring Future World and World Showcase, but things have changed, especially at Future World. Here children have great activities to keep them occupied if they’re a bit too young for the techno aspects of the park. Yes, you guessed it, Future World is all about technology and the future of it. There are hands-on activities and super exhibitions regarding communication, land and our environment, space exploration and much, much more. For example, inside the “golf ball” you’ll get to learn about the history of communication. However, if you’re looking for something completely different, World Showcase displays the different cultures of the world. You can even sample the different food types each culture is well-known for. In the past, most of the Disney characters as such were kept out of this park. That changed quite a while ago, so you’ll still bump into the different characters.

If you are “Hollywood crazy” then Disney’s Hollywood Studios are right up your alley. One of the main attractions in this park is the Star Wars movie based set. It’s based on the original movie and if you’re a fan, it’s a must as you can receive “Jedi” training. There are numerous studio attractions, not only for the adults, but for the youngsters too.

If you’re keen to keep away from the large crowds of the other parks, and you enjoy animals, then Animal Kingdom is perfect for you. It’s not quite the same as the other theme parks, less Disney stuff as such, but it is intriguing. The Kilimanjaro Safari is quite something experienced at sunset. Another great attraction here is the Expedition Everest. Although typically a roller-coaster, you don’t have the loops to deal with, although you do have the reverse motion of it backing you away from apparent Yetis. This is definitely a family-friendly ride, even those who don’t cope on roller-coasters normally find this enjoyable. This was a very expensive park to create, but well worth it.

Blizzard Beach hosts one of the most hectic rides ever; the Summit Plummet. It’s not quite a 90 degree-angled drop, but it sure seems like it. It is definitely one of the craziest water slide rides ever. It also happens to be the fastest and tallest water slide in the world. Blizzard Beach also has a number of other rides for the whole family.

Typhoon Lagoon is also a Water themed park like Blizzard Beach. There are many different types of water slides here, fast ones, slow ones, river raft rides and so on. This park also features Shark Reef where you can snorkel and swim with sharks and other tropical fish. Besides this area, all the bodies of water are heated throughout the year. There is also a fairly new section next to the shark reef area designated for kids, called Ketchakiddee Creek. This play area designed for children under 48 inches boasts slides, squirting animals and much more.