April 19, 2024

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Why You Must Consider Domain Registration and Web Hosting Together?

Nowadays, owning and running a business involves a lot of tasks. Apart from selling the product or services you excel in, you must have a strong social media and digital presence. Building a business website is one of them.

If you are planning to start your website in Australia, you must take care of two things – the name of our domain in Australia and the domain hosting in Australia.

It is recommended by many that you should purchase these two services from one service provider. So this means instead of searching for the two best options, you will have to find one good option for both services and get everything done in one.

Let us understand why this is the case!

Reasons You Should Consider Website Domain Registration and Web Hosting Together

●       Seamless DNS Management

Since the two services, domain and web hosting, are provided by the same service provider, it becomes a seamless integration of the two. The hosting providers know your website and can handle the domain name server with ease.

●       Convenient Billing

Tasks like renewal and billing become simplified if you choose to stay with your web host for the domain name system as well. Your invoices will be consolidated, sent on the same day, in the same format, etc. Apart from that, since your service provider is the same, they will remind you well about both renewals in time, without fail!

●       Trust and Reliability Factor

Since you have become acquainted with the company, you know their service and support. In both cases, the quality of the network and the service offered is extremely important. Finding reliable and trustworthy providers may be difficult, so if you have a good experience with one of them,  combining services can be a good idea. While you can find web and domain registration in Australia in abundance, you have various options to choose from, so decide wisely!

●       Technical Support

When you opt for both of these services from a single provider, chances are you receive better technical support.  The point of contact may remain the same; even if not, linking you immediately with the correct department may not pose a problem. Ensure the precision and effectiveness of tech support of the company before choosing it!

●       Cost Benefits

Purchasing a domain name registration and hosting package at a time can be light for your wallet. Since most providers offer a great discount on the first purchase and combination purchases, you are likely to enjoy good discounts.  Hence, buying these two services from the same provider can save you some cash as well!


Domain and web hosting are two of the most fundamental and important aspects of web hosting, and they must receive the required attention. Although there may be a few drawbacks to having a single domain and web hosting, these disadvantages, however, overshadow its benefits. It is just much more comfortable to have one provider for two of the most important factors of website hosting. It gives you peace of mind, along with all the other benefits mentioned above.