July 21, 2024

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Frontiers of Information Technology & Super Science of Astrology – Where Do They Match?

Frontiers of Information Technology& Super Science of Astrology-Where do they match? We all know how much IT (Information Technology) has helped in doing calculations for astrology in a few seconds as compared to hours taken in the past. This it has lead to spread of astrology- at least the calculations are there without much effort! Now have you wondered how astrology could still be a science – despite some one looking at the chart based on lagna, or looking on your chart based on moon sign or even sun sign?

This is the very reason “scientists” declare it as a fraud and a pseudo science. Which it is NOT. It is based on chance/probability estimate of an event to happen- like would marriage happen in 2009, what is the chance of the same? Is it 30{e54fff05c6c0c5d3d9021a98c8c701bfeddf4b60dc95bb70fea5e351a0c21dfb}, 60{e54fff05c6c0c5d3d9021a98c8c701bfeddf4b60dc95bb70fea5e351a0c21dfb} to more- there is no YES/NO answer as we generally give in sciences.

But we do the same in quantum physics; in market prediction/economics software- we talk in terms of probabilities and chance-don’t we? The why is it that astrology is an outcaste? Let us analyze this based on two case studies.

A) Judgment from various Ascendants- How correct is it?: How can it be true that astrologers prefer lagna fro predictions, and some prefer moon sign for predictions and some Navamsa-but still mostly astrology could be treated in the purview of science. One of the simple ways to resolve this enigma is- that to give weight age to each way of looking at the chart: Lagna = 50{e54fff05c6c0c5d3d9021a98c8c701bfeddf4b60dc95bb70fea5e351a0c21dfb}, Moon = 30{e54fff05c6c0c5d3d9021a98c8c701bfeddf4b60dc95bb70fea5e351a0c21dfb}, Navamsa = x{e54fff05c6c0c5d3d9021a98c8c701bfeddf4b60dc95bb70fea5e351a0c21dfb} Etc. So even if an astrologer sees marital conflict due to difference in opinion (Saturn being there) based on Lagna only- still he is fairly safe if Moon sign chart/rasi chart give neutral indications. So essentially what an astrologer is doing is assigning different weights to different charts and then drawing a judgment. This is very much done in sciences as well- the most of the intelligent systems take into account for this, so we can see how modern IT does connect to astrology. Fuzziness means- one cannot say that YES or NO, where YES=1 and NO= 0 . You could have in-between value like 0.4. So if lagan says fights on the marital front, but rasi says no- one could say the chance of fights is 50{e54fff05c6c0c5d3d9021a98c8c701bfeddf4b60dc95bb70fea5e351a0c21dfb}. That is most of the time you are friendly but there could be occasions of intense fights. The intensity time frame would be predicted based on dasha or transits.

B) Concept of Good and Bad Astrologer? Have you ever wondered why there is a concept of good, bad or better astrologer? Let us explore the same? Let us analyze the above kundli, where mars maha dasha is ON, active, and let us see how astrologers of different insights might view it.

Case 1= Average Astrologer: Now an average astrologer would say – Your Mars is averagely placed in Virgo and mars being a natural malefic/bad planet, so fights in general could be there, as it is in 2nd house so problems in profession(2nd house has an indirect bearing on profession).

Case 2 = Medium astrologer If and astrologer goes deeper, say a better astrologer, he would further add value and say Rahu is in rashi of mars, hence it would give its energy as well: So the reading could get modified to , fights would be there and would be of sudden nature(due to rahu),problems in profession- much more problems in profession and obstacles- that would be of a sudden nature(Rahu effects taken up)

Case 3: Better astrologer: Now a still better astrologer would say, that since Rahu gets energy from Saturn in 7th house(3rd full aspect), so expect fights, resulting in coldness, general problems/coldness in profession- much more problems/delay in profession and obstacles and that also suddenly( so this way we have incorporated the effects of Saturn as well). One could go on adding more and more value to the readings depending on the astrologer’s knowledge/skill base. In any of the above cases- is any astrologer lying or not telling the truth? No not really- all are fine and could be accommodated, with conclusions given below.

C) Conclusion: So we notice as we add more and more information/knowledge is added to the prediction the better the predictions become. Also you can see that none of the above astrologer case 1 to case 3 is WRONG. But the some one is relatively better than others. Just like an economist is better than other- no one can accurately predict the markets. Also at the same time – we can conclude the more right knowledge an astrologer has better the prediction. So in astrology one cannot make YES or NO assertion, one can only predict the chances, which matches with the law of karma.

So frontier of IT- the fuzzy systems/quantum computing. Also there is No YES or NO, they are some where in-between say yes= 1.0 and No = 0, but any fuzzy system9Like economy, astrology, sociology) could be 0.5 or 0.75 etc.

As we discussed Astrology is much more complex than economic systems looking at it prime facie with very complex and non linear elements in it. So it needs much higher methods like IT to solve the mystery, than saying it is defunct or makes not “scientific sense”. So may be a doctors may say after examining a patient tone type of medicine, but when systems very complex like astrology are concerned – there is bound to be subjectivity.

So may be on astrologer would try to strengthen the lord of marriage the other world try to do something different. Also the judgment of the house of marriage would vary some what depending on astrologer’s experience (compare it closely with economic systems) So does subjectivity mean it is unscientific? NO.

Good Luck and don’t be afraid of any pseudo scientist telling you…