July 21, 2024

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How Digital Magazines Are Transforming the Old Media World

Newspapers have gone the way of the stone tablet. As a former newspaper journalist, I say good riddance. Technology moves on. News editors may cry themselves to sleep at night as they contemplate new careers in the car sales industry, but what’s done is done. The world has changed, thanks to the vast amount of interactive content available on digital magazines. Think about it. With an Android Magazine, I can hold the entire web, literally, in the palm of my hand, and read practically anything, from the New York Times to out of print Nancy Drew murder mysteries in Google’s library, right in the palm of my hand.

How can we live without newspapers? Simple. The news will always continue on, but the format has evolved. In spite of the fact that online advertising sales have finally surpassed newspaper ad rates for the first time in history, there is more news than ever before. You just don’t get it from the paper boy anymore. In the world of the future today, news is consumed via digital magazines, as a simple Android Magazine app on a smartphone delivers any media under the planet from a single platform.

In a sense, the push to online content radically improves the connecting of ideas. News stories naturally connect, as everything is literally inter-related. When you read news on an Android Magazine, you can link between the stories, so you learn news not only from the Wall St. Journal but also the BBC, blogs, researchers, connecting ideas together in a single stream for a more educated demographic.

Digital magazines are the next wave of journalism. About a third of Internet users will soon be accessing online content via tablets within the next two years alone, and the numbers only continue to spiral up. Tablets make online content vastly more consumable, presenting it in a format similar to a magazine, held on the lap and easy transportable. Forget the hefty laptop, the power cord, and an extra mouse weighing you down. An Android magazine app makes a tablet consume news as easily and conveniently as an issue of Time magazine, right in your lap.

Digital content revolutionizes media. While newspapers may be dead, the news definitely is not, as there is now more news being consumed in the world than at any other point in history. Digital magazines transform media into an interaction of information, creating a smorgasbord of news segued together conveniently in an Android magazine.