May 25, 2024

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2 Techniques to Intensify Her Orgasmic Pleasure in Sex

According to a recent study by Intel, women would rather go online than having sex. It makes me wonder: since when did the little electronic gadget become more attractive than men? If your partner is one of those web-savvy ladies, don’t fret. Follow the following tips to spice up your sex life and give her pleasure in bed. In no time she will start to initiate sex more often!

#1. Blind fold her

Do you know what the biggest killer of sexual relationships is? Boringness, of course! As a relationship enters stable mode, sex stales as every move becomes pretty much predictable. A good way to kill sexual boredom and stimulate pleasure is: using blind folds. When you blind floor her, it helps to lower her self-consciousness and intensify the sensation. Case in point: if your cunnilingus skill makes her feel good, then the same act is going to drive her crazy with a blind fold! A reminder though: It is not necessary to buy a special blindfold just for this purpose. Instead, you can use ties, scarves, or towel, as long as it covers the eyes adequately.

#2. Teasing technique

When you tease her in bed, it is going to create desirous sensations and anxiousness within her, thus resulting in orgasms that can move mountains. After all, women want what they can’t have! Here’s how to do it: arouse her until she is very near to climax, and pull back from your advance when she expects you to continue. Certainly, she will beg you not to stop. Make her wait for a minute or two before you satisfy her. The retreat is going to send her explosive big “O”!