May 26, 2024

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Complete Gay Guide on How to Get a Straight Guy

If you are wondering how exactly you get a straight guy, it is not as difficult as you think it is.

One problem is that most straight guys run the first sight of gays, afraid that you would want to pick them up -true, but to have the most success, you must approach them in a sly way, unsuspecting of your motive.

Come to them and be cool, talking about typical straight guy interests. Throwing pick up lines is lame. Find a common ground to exchange good conversation; get him hooked by being just like him. He will be more interested in you this way than when you desperately chase after his sausage and eggs.

The trick on how to get a straight guy is to take it slow. Seduce him by being interesting and funny, someone who makes him feel at ease. Once you hit that comfortable zone, bring up the topic of sex. Have him share his sex escapades, demanding for vivid and detailed stories. A sure way to get a straight guy is to have him so horny all he would want is instant release – with you.

Direct attention to his package. Suggest that his peak is mighty up and he deserves worship. Casually drop the possibility of how great men give head, who knows how to worship a gadget than one who actually has one? He might protest but you can get a straight man by strongly stating it is no big deal, does not even make him gay.

At this point, your straight man is might be boiling hot he is practically begging for you to blow him.