November 28, 2023

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Guide to Gifts For Him

As we have recently given guidance on gifts for ladies this Christmas we thought it only fair to do the same for men – so take a look if you’re running out of ideas for a male relative or friend.

First rule – please, no socks, ties or hankies unless specifically requested!

Activity days

Our number 1 suggestion would be an activity day. You can give the man in your life, or your father, son, brother or friend the experience of his life with an activity day ranging from white water rafting to rally racing or even a flying lesson.

Days like this are surprisingly affordable and easy to track down on the Internet.

SatNav and other gadgets

Boys and their toys! Any gadgets, from the latest ‘Blackberry’ to a digital camera, are usually a safe bet with the guys but number one has to be a SatNav. Not only can he have hours of fun changing the voice that guides him home, from Yoda to Mr T, but he will also be able to avoid asking directions, and you know how much he loves that!

Extra TV channel/package

The way to your man’s heart isn’t just through his stomach. If he gets to eat in front of his favourite TV channel he’ll be eternally grateful. You can choose from a good variety of channels with sports packages being a popular choice. Having said that, this gift could backfire if you’re hoping for help with the washing up after Christmas dinner.

Gift voucher

If you’re really stuck why not get him a voucher? Gear it around the interests of the man you’re buying for and he will have the freedom to treat himself to something he definitely wants. Gaming or music outlets may be good places to start, or get an e-voucher from an online store such as Amazon to give him a huge range to choose from.


Jewellery isn’t just for girls and an obvious choice here would be a new watch but, as always, carefully consider his style before splashing out.

Man Bag

Yes, we know it sounds controversial but men need bags too. From a new briefcase for the office to a more casual sports style holdall this can actually be a great gift. Go on, we dare you!