July 21, 2024

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How Big Do You Want Your Penis Size To Be?

We all know that penis size is a very big issue. How then do you explain the mental turmoil a lot of men go through when situations arise that demand the exposure of their private part. Maybe in the urinal, gym, or medical check up. On some occasions men with small and average genitals are consoled with the saying that size does not matter, yea size does not matter if you have are “adequately endowed”, but how can you believe size does not matter when so many men’s erect penis does not even exceed six inches. With time most women tend to be content with the so-called average size when secretly they desire a man with a bigger size.

Quite a number of studies have been conducted to find out the length of the so called “average penis”, but it seems that most men cannot even tell the truth to themselves as a lot times the results do no yield accurate results because most men decide to lie about the size of their genitals. But on a broad look it seems that for every large size there is also a very small size of penis to match in the male population. Researches conducted by academic, medical and commercial (condom companies) all point to the result that the “average size” is between five and six inches in length. Does that seem enough for you? I don’t think so I am guessing you want more.

Do you want to bigger down there? Well I can guess your reply to that question, as so many men actually want a bigger “sexual member” after all who really wants to be average. Yea most men are not proud of an average size. Some study conducted ages ago by a Los Angeles University actually verifies my statement that men do not like being average sized and want a bigger penis size if it were possible without painful surgery. It seems 8 out every ten on the planet would like to increase their genital size according to the survey carried out which is no news. Humans always want a bigger and better gadget.

There was a time in my life where all I did was wish I had a bigger penis, I know the records says I was of average size but I always felt I was not big enough. Hey every guy does not dream of being average every body wants to be more than the average. I always dreamt of being a guy who walks into the shower and the other guys keep starring at the massive size of my private member. Considering so many silly jokes are being made by women over lovers with small genitals, I was reading some discussing in a forum where a girl said she laughed at one of her lovers small “thing” and that was what lead to the break off of the relationship as she could not endure sex with a man who was so “tiny”. Notice the word endure, that show you the ladies love a big penis as it fills their vaginas much more than an average size can ever do.

I finally found the solution to my problems and after five months of natural penis exercises and herbal enlargement pills I was amazed at the size of my “sexual member” and the confidence I have knowing I am more than the average guy. In addition to the fact that the combination of pills and exercises has no side effects, my erections became more powerful and more lasting than ever and all it took was five months of dedication and some little change from my pocket.

Do you want a larger penis? I know your answer is yes but hey what are you waiting for the benefits are amazing I am a true testimony to the wonderful effects it can perform in your sex life as the exercises enable to control you ejaculations for those with a double problem of a small sexual organ and premature ejaculation. A testimony to the authenticity of penis enlargement is myself.

Why keep yourself unhappy, if you want to increase the size of your “highly prized member”, well what are you waiting for? Always try to keep yourself happy you owe it to yourself, for more information on how you can safely increase the size of your penis visit: http://www.enjoysexlife.blogspot.com