December 6, 2023

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Self-Defense Devices for Women

Safety alarms, hidden cameras or security guards do not guarantee protection. Today, we are faced by the fact that crimes can happen anytime, anywhere even if we are surrounded with security devices and armed personnel. Anybody can be a victim.

We have to deal with the reality that women have more chances of being a victim of such inhuman acts by violent and sadistic individuals, than men do. The fragile image of a woman makes her easy bait for criminals, for that reason self-defense is a must for every woman.

In this violent environment, everybody, especially women, must take extra caution to stay protected and safe in this turbulent world.

It is great to know that there are actually a lot of self-defense devices available on the market today that can be conveniently used by women. For example, a stun gun is an easy to use gadget that comes in various sizes and forms. It is a hand-held device that uses high power voltage to impede an attacker. The prongs of the stun gun can rapidly immobilize an aggressor. It can cause severe pain and muscle control loss, as well. In addition to that, this self-defense tool can set off loss of balance and a confounded condition to the attacker, which will allow the victim to escape within several minutes.

On the other hand, another self-protection device that can be used by women is a can of pepper spray. This is actually a very popular non-lethal tool that can effectively stop an assailant in no time. Pepper sprays are also very handy to carry. They can be hung from key chains, lipstick or various other disguised packaging. A woman can easily spray an attacker in the face or directly into his eyes.. It can cause momentary loss of sight or difficulty in breathing. The effects of this self-defense gadget can last 20 to 45 minutes, giving enough time for the victim to run off.

Furthermore, a taser gun is also recommended as an effective self-defense device for women of any age. One excellent feature of the taser is its ability to knock down the assailant, while still maintaining a safe distance. This weapon uses electrical shock that can cause extreme soreness to the invader. Also, another benefit of using this self-defense tool is that women can effortlessly conceal this gadget. It is convenient to carry and it can offer immediate protection against attackers.

It is a dangerous world out there and sadly, women are more prone to the attacks of irrational beings. Self-defense devices are necessary tools so that every woman can keep herself secured. It is truly advisable for women to arm themselves against any possible danger that they may encounter along the way. Women must at all times keep a cautious attitude and be equipped with devices that can help them in times of threat.