May 22, 2024

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Steve Jobs and What Could Have Been a MLM Success Story

I have to write this post even if the buzz over Steve Job’s demise has subsided somewhat and he is not mentioned in the news of late. His face however is still popping up over and over on the Internet and most bookstores still display any number of books with his face on the cover. He was without question one of the greatest entrepreneurs of his time, if not that the world has ever seen. It is simply amazing when any one individual becomes so well known and creates such an impact on society and world culture as he did. It is considered amazing if an individual succeeds in any one niche but Steve Jobs succeeded in three.

The Mac shines today as one of his greatest achievements in the computer industry and is the mover in that industries design and innovation, as we see other makers scrambling to keep up. If that was not enough he took the music industry by storm with the invention of his first really cool gadget the iPod, with an online store for content, not just songs, but videos, movies and podcasts.

What really caused a sensation was when he came out with the iPhone which again took another industry buy surprise and left many manufactures in the dust and scrambling again to keep up. Where will it end, the first talking phone came out with the arrival of the iPhone 4s.

If that were not enough what most people did not realize was that over the years he was the owner and power behind a little known company called Pixar, turning it into a movie industry success story by creating the first really successful computer animated feature film. Pixar took the movie industry by surprise by releasing its first blockbuster movie, Toy Story, with lead character Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks, and his friend Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen. This was followed by a string of blockbuster hits.

Why do I tell you all this and what has this to do with MLM? You can’t help notice if you have paid even the remotest attention to the buzz about Steve Jobs in the media or books or magazines, that he was an extremely driven and focused person. Even when he got sidelined from Apple he never lost his focus, never gave up or called it quits. He knew what he wanted, and instead of throwing in the towel he created another company. This paid off as he brought with him a new operating system when Apple bought out NeXT and it became the basis of what Apple’s operating system is built on today.

Let me close by asking, would Steve Jobs have succeeded in your MLM business if he were still alive today? Yes he most certainly would have. Steve Jobs would succeed in anything he set his mind to and you can too. Succeeding in anything requires DISCIPLINE, staying the course and keeping to your game plan.

If you have discipline but are not getting anywhere in your MLM company, then perhaps you need a game plan, a system to make all of your efforts pay off. If you want to know more about a great game plan that might be the answer, to your dilemma and learn how to kick-start your business and bring in more leads then you can imagine, find a good lead generating system, there are a number of excellent systems available. I guarantee you will be glad that you did.