July 21, 2024

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The Motorola Z10 is a Pocket-Sized Color Phone by Motorola

The Motorola Z10 Is A Pocket-Sized Color Phone By Motorola. It is like a mini film studio for the consumers. There is a stylish and innovative kick slider which helps in capturing videos and snaps. One can also add and make transitions to the scenes and also titles to the soundtracks.

The upcoming film makers can also upload their videos on the websites like Google, Yahoo and You Tube. In addition with these features the phone has a capability of good media playback. The screen of the phone is crystal clear and it has a QVGA of 2.2″ that displays 30 frames per seconds in sixteen million colors. Consumers can download the content from various websites and can see their own collection of films. The external memory of the phone can be expanded by the use of an external card and it can go up to 32 GB.

The camera of the phone is also very reliable and good. The 3.2 mega pixel delivers crispier photos. The camera key launches the camera in only 1.5 seconds. There is a super-fast burst mode in the phone and with its help the camera captures 3 images in a second. The action of the frame is never missed with this technique. The auto-focus feature of the camera makes the images sharper and brighter and the auto-focus feature immediately names and saves the images to the media gallery.

The phone looks stylish from the outside as it has an ergonomic look and design. The outer material is made up of spun steel and it has a polished finish everywhere which makes it a cool gadget. It has HSDPA also with the EDGE technology. The battery life of the Motorola Z10 is commendable and delivers a good performance under playback mode. It has a quad-band frequency and weights only 119 grams only.